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The Big Story - CMP Magazine, Nov 2011
Industry experts including TMG's President Mark Kerzner talk about the broker-underwriter
Broker Networks - CMP Magazine, Nov 2011
Profile of TMG The Mortgage Group Canada Inc.
Profitability and Volume - Mortgage Journal, Oct 2011
TMG's President Mark Kerzner and other industry experts speak to profitability and volume in the mortgage industry and "How much is enough?"
Mortgage Panel of Experts - Toronto Star Mediaplanet, Sept 2011
TMG's President Mark Kerzner and a panel of experts respond to: "Other than great rates, what should I consider when looking at mortgage options?" and "How can I save money on my mortgage?"
Going National - CMP Magazine, Aug 2011
The TMG Team talks about 20+ years and what makes TMG different.

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Featured Articles

March 1, 2012    Real Estate: Be ready for "what if's" at home
Keeping up with mortgage payments is an important part of home ownership, in addition to property taxes, insurance and maintenance. But what happens if your roof suddenly needs replacing, the foundation ...
January 30, 2012    Good News for Brokers
A new survey commissioned by TMG is giving brokers a shot in the arm, suggesting almost a third of today's renters are planning to become homeowners in the next two years - most with the help of a ...
January 5, 2012    TMG promotes from within
TMG The Mortgage Group is moving three of its regional leaders up the corporate ladder, billing the move as in keeping with its philosophy of promoting from within. Effective Jan.1, 2012, Bud Jorgenson ...
January 3, 2012    CMHC agreeing with brokers?
A new report is backing up a broker beef, confirming consumer credit card debt has significantly outpaced mortgage growth. "Consumer credit, which makes up the remainder of household debt, grew at a faster ...
December 14, 2011    Banker: growing debt = tighter mortgage rules
Irrepressible household debt has brokers and bankers more convinced that tighter mortgage rules are on the horizon. (Happy New Year?) "I would say so," Dave Larock, president of TMG The Mortgage ...
November 30, 2011    Moody's: Brokers, you were right
A report from Moody's is vindicating brokers by pointing out unsecured debt - and not secured mortgages - poses the real threat to RBC and other Canadian banks. "It's an uncertain world that ...
November 28, 2011    CMHC: refis down 31%
Refi business remains down from pre-mortgage rule changes introduced this spring, according to new quarterly results released by CMHC. "Homeowner Refinance activity initially fell by nearly 40 per ...
November 27, 2011    Canadian housing bubble? Brokers disagree
While most reports and forecasts maintain the Canadian housing market will remain stable for the next year, reports are still surfacing that call into question whether the country will experience a housing ...
October 31, 2011    IMF: Don't rule out more mortgage rule changes
The IMF doesn't dictate monetary policy, but it is strongly suggesting Canada may need to ratchet up mortgage rules yet again if debt levels rise. If consumer debt continues to increase rapidly and ...
September 11, 2011     Brokers: More mortgage rule changes may be necessary
A surprising number of brokers are echoing the sentiments of a leading bank economist, suggesting the government would and should ratchet down mortgage rules yet again - but only if consumer debt levels ...
September 5, 2011    TMG fleshes out its sales team
TMG The Mortgage Group Canada has announced Dan Pultr - former BDM for a non-bank lender - as its new director of sales for British Columbia. "His unique experience on both sides of mortgage lending, ...
August 28, 2011    Broker: Gov't has left the refi building
New quarterly financials from CMHC are confirming the fears of many brokers, worried the government's latest mortgage rule changes effectively signalled its exit from the refinance business, now down ...
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